18th December 2012 - Common causes of hearing loss

Fourth year Kirsten Herregods presents a teach on the common causes of hearing loss.

14th December 2012 - Haematological malignancies – Part one

Fourth year Benjamin Smeeton presents a two-part series on haematological malignancies. In this first instalment we will be covering the topics of haematopoiesis, acute / chronic leukaemias, the myeloproliferative disorders and multiple myeloma. Pre-reading material will be sent out to those attending. Whilst the teach will predominantly be aimed at second and third years, first years are also welcome to attend.

12th December 2012 - PsychoNeuro Pharmacology of recreational drugs

Fourth year medical student Daniel Halls presents the pharmacology of recreational drugs.

12th December 2012 - All a medical student needs to know about skin cancer

Fourth year medical student Hannah Stowe will be covering everything you need to know about skin cancer. This teach will […]

5th December 2012 - An ABC of ENT: The Ear

Fourth year medical student Charlie Wade presents the first in a series of ENT teaches covering the anatomy and common clinical conditions related to the ear. Third year students only please.

3rd December 2012 - An introduction to Ophthalmology – second year teach

Fourth year medical student Alex Gall delivers an introduction to ophthalmology, including the relevant anatomy and common clinical conditions. <br> […]

3rd December 2012 - Endocrinology for second years

Fourth year medical student Rachael Marsh will be presenting a one hour endocrinology teach aimed at year two students, mainly […]