27th February 2013 - Haematological malignancies: Acute & Chronic Leukaemias

Fourth year Benjamin Smeeton presents a case-based lecture on acute and chronic leukaemias. Absolutely ideal for AMK.

26th February 2013 - Haemolytic Anaemias

4th year student Samuel Belete introduces a teach covering everything you need to know about the Haemolytic Anaemias. Aimed predominantly […]

22nd February 2013 - ECG Interpretation

4th year student David Kuan will be providing a teach covering ECG interpretation. Perfect for the upcoming competency!

13th February 2013 - ISCE gold: examination of the cranial nerves (Year 2s only)

12th February 2013 - Ophthalmology series part four – Chronic opthalmic conditions

In the final session of our four-part ophthalmology series, Mr Michael Blundell (SpR Ophthalmology) covers the topic of chronic opthalmic conditions.

11th February 2013 - PasTest