Waheed-Ul-Rahman Ahmed - President

Hi all! My name is Waheed-Ul-Rahman Ahmed and I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of Exeter. I have had the great fortune of being elected president of the Exeter Surgical Society for a second time. I am highly passionate about a career in academic surgery, being particularly interested in plastic surgery. During my time as president, I will ensure that Exeter Surgical Society members are enthused and educated about a career in surgery and that there are a vast array of lectures, workshops and careers evenings that students can attend to gain insight into surgery. On merit of my leadership of the Exeter Surgical Society last year, I was awarded 'Student Leader of the Year'. Furthermore, my previous leadership efforts led me to be awarded a full grant to attend the University of Oxford, Young Muslim Leadership Programme, a highly-competitive and intensive summer school, emphasising my leadership capability. I am really excited about the opportunity to lead the Surgical Society again, and this year hope to empower fellow committee members to organise our 2nd Annual National South West Plastic Surgery Conference. Please do not hesitate to contact me at: wa234@exeter.ac.uk, should you have any queries/wish to collaborate/or any ideas at all.


Shivani Mahapatra - Vice President

Hi! I’m Shivani Mahapatra and I am a third-year medical student and this year I have the pleasure of being vice president of the Surgical society. This year my role will be to work with and support the committee to organise regular teaching, placement schemes to get early exposure to surgery and a new outreach scheme for this year, just to name a few of the exciting ideas we have planned. Personally, I also feel very strongly about the way that suturing and other surgical skills are taught at EUMS and I would love to provide more opportunities for students to learn these skills throughout the course. More importantly, I am here to make sure that you as a member have a good experience and make the most out this year. So if you have any ideas that you would like us to try or if you would like some advice on how to get involved get in touch through email, messenger or simply say hi when you see me in person. While I am interested in all different types of surgery, I think I have had the most opportunities with the plastics team here at the RD & E but I would love to find out more about transplant surgery and neurosurgery as well. Fun fact about me: my first time scrubbing in to assist in a surgery I took so long to get scrubbed that the surgeon had already finished the surgery by the time I was ready.


Alex Smith - Treasurer

My name is Alex Smith, I am a second-year medical student and this year I am the treasurer for the surgical society. This year my goal is to obtain as much sponsorship money as possible in order to provide the financial resources to fund the best experiences for our members. I also hope to contribute majorly to the running of the South West Plastic Surgery Conference and the Surgical Skills competition. I am open-minded to exploring all surgical specialties, however my interests lie mainly in neurosurgery and oral/maxillofacial surgery. One interesting fact about me is that I play an instrument called the bassoon, and not many people know what that is!


Nicholas Hubble - Outreach and Publicity

My name is Nicholas Hubble and I am a second year. My role this year is the lead in outreach and publicity. My aim is to educate students about the possibility of a career in surgery and provide the necessary information and tools for it to become a reality. I have always had a passion for orthopaedic surgery but still very open-minded to a number of surgical specialties. An interesting fact about me is that I always get it the wrong way around when naming the uvula and vulva, which is really not ideal in the medical profession.


Erin Dawson - Placement Coordinator

Hello, I’m Erin Dawson a third-year medical student and this year I will be acting as one of the placement coordinators for the surgical society. In doing this role I hope to be able to bring first hand surgical placements to all members of the society, especially the pre-clinical years who get less week-to-week surgical experience. I also hope to play a role in the organisation of the South West Plastics Conference. I am particularly drawn to Plastic Surgery as it isn’t restricted to one physiological area meaning work with a wide range of co-specialties is common. An interesting fact about me is that after learning how to speak as a baby I proceeded to call everything and everyone “da-dish” much to the amusement of both my parents and doctors. Fortunately I have now rediscovered my vocabulary.


Wayne Chung - Placement Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Wayne Chung and I am going into 2nd year of medicine. I am one of your placement co-ordinators for this academic year. Our aim is to liaise with surgeons in the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital from different specialties to offer a variety of placements for students in both year 1 and 2. As a side mission, we hope that early exposure to a surgical environment will provide encouragement for future medics to consider surgery as a career option. I believe these placements will help students transfer their understanding of anatomy from textbooks to real-life contexts. Surgical specialties I am most interested in now is anything involving robotics as you get to work with some really futuristic machines. Paediatric surgery is also on the list because it’s a specialty that allows some variation on the range of operations you can perform. I am by no means an expert in a career in surgery, but if you have any questions regarding what to expect from your placements (or suggestions for improvements) then feel free to contact me at whc206@exeter.ac.uk. I hope you all have a great time in theatre!


Jonathan Musgrove - Events coordinator

I’m Jonny and I’ve just entered my third year at university but second year at Medical School after a diverted route onto the BMBS course through Medical Science. Whilst all areas of surgery interest me, so far, I have been strongly drawn to Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery and ENT. This year I will be serving as an events coordinator for the surgical society. In doing this role I hope to be able to bring a variety of interesting lectures and workshops to society members to motivate them to look towards surgery as a prospective career path. I am also incredibly keen to try and expand the South West Plastics Conference and build on last year’s incredible event. An interesting fact about me would be how I managed to spend the first term of Year 1 Medical Science mistaking the lecture diagrams of the pituitary gland as testicles.


Abby Sy - Events coordinator

Hello! My name is Abby and I am a third-year medical student in Exeter. I am one of the event coordinators for ExeSS this year; my main role is to organize lectures delivered by surgeons and doctors. I believe these lectures will not only prepare students for their AMK, but also bring student’s interest into surgery earlier on. As part of the ExeSS committee, I am interested in neurosurgery and plastic surgery, and I am passionate to organize more evening lectures related to this area to inspire more fellow students. If you have any question or any surgery that you are interested in, please let us know.
More about me: I have the most beautiful Bichon Frise in the world.


Ziad Zeidan - Events coordinator

Hello. Ziad here, one of the Surgical Society Lecture Coordinators for the next year. I’ll be organizing some insightful surgery-oriented lectures along with Abby, Lucy and Jonny. So far, we’ve been able to arrange for some lectures for the start of Term 1 from some leading surgeons in their respective fields, which will no doubt be really interesting. We will aim to stimulate your brains with some surgery every week, so we can all get an idea of the profession, and what it takes to enter that field. Hopefully, we can create a space for us students to get some advice and have a discussion with some eminent surgeons in their respective fields, whose time might not always be available to us. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity learn about a certain field of surgery from an expert. There’s lots of branches to surgery and hopefully we will be able to highlight most of them to you by the end of the year. Personally, I wouldn’t say I have a favourite field, but Orthopaedics is quite interesting.