12th September 2012 - Pharyngeal Pouch

A.K.A Zenker’s Diverticulum   Mucosal protrusion between the two parts of the inferior pharyngeal constrictor: Thyropharyngeus muscle Cricopharyngeus muscle Weak […]

11th September 2012 - Differentiating Bowel Obstruction from History

To differentiate the level of bowel obstruction from the patient’s pain, it is important to first bear in mind the […]

11th September 2012 - The Spine

A complete overview of basic spinal anatomy & physiology, linked into several clinical conditions – Great for those interested in Orthopaedics!

9th September 2012 - Cranial Nerves

A quick & easy guide to the cranial nerves – Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology

3rd July 2012 - Anatomy of the liver

A short set of notes covering the anatomy of the liver.