A Successful Evening with Professor Harold Ellis

With our series of lectures well under way with regular teaches occurring every week, we just wanted to take a step back and thank everyone for coming out to Professor Harold Ellis' talk on the 1st of October. Professor Ellis talked to us about several operations conducted on royalty throughout history, seamlessly blending in a bit of anatomy, surgical techniques and many jokes. Most importantly though, we've learned that regardless of how famous, royal or wealthy your patient is, you should treat each patient equally, always doing your absolute best. It was great to see students of all years coming along to see Prof Ellis and leaving hopefully a bit more inspired. We'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 4 winners of the Professor's books, as well as say a big thank you to Mr. Devaraj for opening and closing the talk.

Professor Ellis has been coming down to Exeter to talk to us for several years in a row now and never fails to entertain and teach us students. EXESS will aim continue this tradition in the future!

We hope you enjoyed the teach as much as we did! Please get in contact with us if there was anything you wanted to add or comment on in regards to this event.

- EXESS committee