Like any other book list, this one is not exhaustive. These are a collection of books recommended to the EXESS committee members by surgeons and colleagues, or just tried and tested by a committee member! Here are some books to use to review anatomy and to use during surgical placements:

  • Lecture Notes: General Surgery. 12th Edition. Harold Ellis, Sir Roy Calne, Christopher Watson
  • Fast Track Surgery: General, Vascular and Urology. Mr. Manoj Ramachandran, Mr Aaron Trinidade
  • Fast Track Srugery: Trauma, Orthopaedics and Subspecialties. Mr. Manoj Ramachandran, Mr Aaron Trinidade
  • Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis & Management. 5th Edition.
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery. 3rd Edition. Greg McLatchie, Neil Borley, Joanna Chilkwe
  • Oxford handbooks for respective surgical speciality
  • Clinical Anatomy. Applied Anatomy for students and Junior Doctors. 12th Edition. Harold Ellis, Vishy Mahadevan.
  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy. 6th Edition. Keith L. Moore, Arthur F. Dalley, Anne M.R. Agur
  • Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy. Kenneth Moses, John C. Banks, P. Ben Nava, Darrell Petersen


Some recommended website resources for students on surgery include: