27th February 2013 - Haematological malignancies: Acute & Chronic Leukaemias

Fourth year Benjamin Smeeton presents a case-based lecture on acute and chronic leukaemias. Absolutely ideal for AMK.

15th January 2013 - Medical emergencies in haematology

Local haematology expert and fourth year Johnathan Pascoe presents “Medical emergencies in Haematology”; ideal AMK revision for all years. To book please email: john.pascoe@students.pcmd.ac.uk.

14th December 2012 - Haematological malignancies – Part one

Fourth year Benjamin Smeeton presents a two-part series on haematological malignancies. In this first instalment we will be covering the topics of haematopoiesis, acute / chronic leukaemias, the myeloproliferative disorders and multiple myeloma. Pre-reading material will be sent out to those attending. Whilst the teach will predominantly be aimed at second and third years, first years are also welcome to attend.